Mode locked pulsed dye laser

James Austin Piper (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Apparatus using dye lasers for the production of pulsed light at a desired wavelength wherein the dye cells (4, 5) are fed with a weak beam of a narrow desired wavelength and pumped at another wavelength, thus producing an amplified output at the desired wavelength, the apparatus having a special aptitude in certain medical treatments. A metal vapour laser is employed using copper and gold active media in spatially separated regions, with the strong copper output at 511 nm and 578 nm being passed through a wavelength selective mirror (1) to pump two dye cells (4, 5) which are locked to the weaker 628 nm output obtained from the gold vapour discharge.

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO1987006775
IPCH01S 3/03 2006.1,H01S 3/07 2006.1,H01S 3/094 2006.1,H01S 3/23 2006.1
Priority date29/04/86
Filing date29/04/87
Publication statusSubmitted - 5 Nov 1987

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