Modern technology and organisational communication implications for management

E. More*, R. K. Laird

*Corresponding author for this work

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In an information-based economy, there is potential for organizational upheaval with the introduction and diffusion of new technologies. However, this will also significantly affect the managerial sector of the work force. The need to understand the implications of such technology in organizations, in terms of managing these innovations for those working at a management level, is an important concern. Without understanding and competent management the social upheaval many forecast as following in the wake of technological innovation must be more likely to occur. There needs to be a balance of concern for the implications of modern technology, not only for the 'workers', but also for 'management'. The central aim of this paper is to briefly outline some technological innovations relevant to large-scale 20th century organizations, and to assess the implications of some of these for managers. The authors place emphasis on one special area - that of organizational communication.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)169-183
Number of pages15
JournalJournal of Information Science
Issue number4-5
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1983


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