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Ewan Coopey (Developer), Jack Jones (Developer), Oliver Twyford (Developer), Ray Laurence (Developer)

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The MQ City of Rome Blog focuses on the history of ancient Rome. The city was founded in myth in the year 753 BCE and became the first metropolis, with an empire stretching from Scotland to the Sahara and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Euphrates (Iraq).

There are so many questions about ancient Rome ranging from its famous monuments, such as Pompey’s Theatre, through to the fighting of fires and, yes, to that ubiquitous everyday building material – concrete, that you will find covered in the upcoming posts of this blog.

During MQ session 1 2019, as of Monday the 25th of February, a blog will be posted every fortnight. Each post has been created by a student at Macquarie University as part of their research undertaken under the direction of Professor Ray Laurence in the Department of Ancient History (in AHIS 313).

All topics for the posts were picked by students and researched by students with some guidance. The content of the posts devised by students studying the City of Rome was then edited by student Professional and Community Engagement (PACE AHIS 392) interns to create the final versions of the posts that appear here. The students developed their own view of Rome through these topics. Expect to find some lively ideas, even some puns (good or bad), and a shift away from the formalities of academic writing to make the study of the city of Rome accessible to a wider public.

Leading on from this, while these posts contain some material that is inaccessible to the wider public or teachers of HSC Ancient History in New South Wales, because it is hidden behind a paywall, they are all hyperlinked to open access translations of ancient sources and, where possible, to further information. This was done to enable teachers and students (and anyone else reading this blog) to dig deeper into the history of ancient Rome.
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PublisherMacquarie University
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Publication statusPublished - 25 Feb 2019


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