Neoliberalism, intellectuals and southern theory

Nour Dados, Raewyn Connell

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Contemporary social theory, in the forms that circulate globally, is built on ideas from Europe and North America. As our opening quotation from the Brazilian sociologist José Maurício Domingues suggests, this is now under challenge, from multiple Southern and postcolonial perspectives. There is work on the global economy of knowledge (Hountondji 1997), Southern theory (Connell 2007), alternative traditions in social science (Alatas 2006; Patel 2010), postcolonial sociology (Bhambra 2007; Reuter and Villa 2010), indigenous knowledge and reclamation journeys (Odora Hoppers 2002; Sitas 2006), the psychology of liberation (Montero 2007), decolonial thought (Quijano 2000; Mignolo 2007), the decolonization of methodology (Smith 1999) and more.
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Publication statusPublished - 2014
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