Orientalism and Chinese Studies in Australian universities: retrospect and introspect

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Chinese Studies in Australia have been a colonial phenomenon since they were first introduced in the mid twentieth century. By “colonial,” we are referring to British colonial legacies, to the impact of European traditions and their influence on the political and socio-economic system, to Australia’s relationship with other countries such as America and China, to the university system inherited from Britain and to the pernicious White Australia policy, formally dismantled only in the 1970s. All these affected the construction of Chinese Studies. Some of these impacts have decreased over time, some have increased, but all continue to affect the Australia–China relationship as well as Chinese Studies in Australian universities.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of the Oriental Society of Australia
Publication statusSubmitted - Oct 2020


  • Chinese Studies
  • higher education
  • Orientalism


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