Pinna proximity detection

Viral Parikh (Inventor), Jon Hendrix (Inventor), Jeffrey Alderson (Inventor), Vitaliy Sapozhnykov (Inventor), Nafiseh Erfanian Saeedi (Inventor), Thomas Harvey (Inventor), Robert Luke (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


An integrated circuit for implementing at least a portion of a personal audio device may include an output for providing an output signal to a transducer, wherein the output signal includes a pilot signal, a microphone input for receiving a microphone signal from a microphone indicative of an output of the transducer, and a processing circuit. The processing circuit may be configured to implement a pilot signal control to apply an adjustment to the pilot signal as necessary to maintain the pilot signal at a substantially constant magnitude regardless of proximity of the transducer to a pinna and implement a proximity determination block configured to determine proximity of the transducer to the pinna based on the adjustment.
Original languageEnglish
Patent number10923097
IPCG10K 11/178,H04M 1/02
Publication statusPublished - 16 Feb 2021


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