Plate tectonics and crustal evolution

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This book looks at the key topics and questions relating to the evolution of the Earth's crust and mantle over the last 4 billion years. Data from the fields of oceanography, geophysics, planetology, and geochemistry are synthesised to provide a comprehensive account, and the role of plate tectonics in the geological past is examined via geological evidence and proposed plate reconstructions. This fourth edition includes major revisions and additions including material on: mantle plumes, seismic discontinuities in the mantle, supercontinents, interactions between Earth systems, atmosphere and ocean evolution, episodisity of orogeny and continental growth, and planetary origin.

Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationOxford; Boston
Number of pages259
ISBN (Electronic)9780750633864
ISBN (Print)0750633867
Publication statusPublished - 1997
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