E rāningu to hon'yaku kyōiku no senzai-tekina tsunagari

Macquarie de no keiken

Translated title of the contribution: Potential links between e-learning and translator education: experiences at Macquarie

Izumi Inoue

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


This paper aims to suggest potential links between e-learning and translator education for Japanese learners through e-learning experiences at Macquarie University. It has been pointed out that current professional education in various domains at tertiary educational institutes tends to be incapable of providing professional trainings which meet requirements set by professional communities. This concern appears to be consistent with translator education due to its ongoing dominant use of 'transmissionist' approach (Kiraly, 2000). This paper suggests one way of improving learner autonomy, learner interactions and learning in authentic settings through the introduction of e-learning in the domain of translator education.
Original languageJapanese
Pages (from-to)219-229
Number of pages11
JournalInterpretation studies : the journal of the Japan Association for Interpretation Studies
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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