Pulsed laser flow cytometry

Joseph Alan Narai (Inventor), James Austin Piper (Inventor), Donald James Ramsay (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Flow cytometry comprising the steps of: producing a flow of cells of velocity (v), in single file, through an interaction region (12) of length (d), where (d) is defined by the height of a pulsed laser source (11) of height (d), which beam shines onto the flow of cells which beam defines the interaction region; pulsing the laser source at a repetition rate of (f) onto the flow of cells where the time between pulses (l/f) is approximately equal to the transit time (t) of a cell in the interaction region; collecting (15) and detecting (16) the light scattered by or fluoresced from a cell in the interaction region; analysing (17) the detected light to determine the presence or other characteristics of said cell.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberAU1991087689
IPCG01N 15/14,G01N 21/64,G01N 21/85
Priority date29/10/90
Publication statusSubmitted - 24 Sept 1992


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