Real-time implementation of AMR and AMR-WB using the fixed-point DSP for WCDMA systems

Kj Byun, Ik Soo Eo, Hee Bum Jeong, Minsoo Hahn

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This paper presents an implementation of the AMR and AMR-WB speech codecs using the fixed point TeakLite DSP for the WCDMA mobile station. Since the AMR and AMR-WB are based on the ACELP coding algorithm and the ACELP requires huge complexity in the codebook search, we especially focused on the optimization of the codebook search routine in our implementations. The implemented AMR and AMR-WB codecs require only 24 MIPS of computation at 12.2 kbps mode and 52.2 MIPS at 23.85 kbit/s mode, respectively by exploiting the DSP architecture and managing the memory structure efficiently. The implemented AMR and AMR-WB codecs were verified through passing all the test vectors provided by 3GPP with maintaining the bit-exactness, and stable operation on the real-time testing board was also confirmed. In addition, to reduce further complexity we propose a fast search method, which improves conventional depth-first tree search method generally utilized in ACELP coding algorithm.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication2006 IEEE tenth International Symposium on Consumer Electronics, proceedings
EditorsK Glasman, A Logunov
Place of PublicationPiscataway, New Jersey
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Number of pages2
ISBN (Print)1424402158
Publication statusPublished - 2006
Externally publishedYes
Event10th IEEE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics (ISCE 2006) - St Petersburg
Duration: 28 Jun 20061 Jul 2006

Publication series

NameIEEE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics
ISSN (Print)2158-3994


Conference10th IEEE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics (ISCE 2006)
CitySt Petersburg


  • speech coding
  • AMR
  • AMR-WB
  • real-time

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