Terenni obhozhdanija za izdirvane na arheologicheski obekti v Kazanlashkata kotlovina prez 2009-2010g (predvaritelni rezultati)

Translated title of the contribution: Archaeological surface survey investigations in the Kazanlak valley 2009-2010 (preliminary report)

Georgi Nekhrizov, Julia Tzvetkova, Adela Sobotkova, Shawn Ross

Research output: Book/ReportOther report


In the spring of 2009 a multidisciplinary research project continued to investigate the archaeological cultural potential of one of the important region in Bulgaria - the Kazanlak Valley. The main focus is the renewed archaeological surface surveys started by M. Domaradzki in 1996. The modern development of the GIS technologies and their application in the archaeological researches provides a powerful tool for mapping and recording of the terrain data, which allows the better storing and retrieving of the information and facilities thus the scientific researches. During the two spring campaigns in 2009-2010 a total of 56 sq km territory was covered, mainly around the Koprinka Dam and toward the Stara Planina Moutains. In these campaigns 358 archaeological features were mapped - 308 tumuli, 33 settlements, 8 fortresses, ancient quarries, e. c., from the prehistory to the mediaeval times. The precise mapping of the archaeological sites and filling of the Archaeological Map of Bulgaria will not only help further scientific investigations of the settlements pattern through the different époques in the studied area, but will also facilitate the better management of the cultural heritage of the region and their preservation.
Translated title of the contributionArchaeological surface survey investigations in the Kazanlak valley 2009-2010 (preliminary report)
Original languageBulgarian
Number of pages11
Publication statusPublished - 2011
Externally publishedYes


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