The Concept of syndication as applied to the mobile content industry

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Mobile telephones were introduced to the mass market in the early 1970s. Since then, consumers have witnessed the explosive proliferation of handsets and network coverage, as well as various mobile products with a number of applications. With the advent of Third Generation mobile technology (3G), there are more ways for content and network providers to deliver more value-added services to their customers. Yet, amidst the wide range of delivery models, which is the right solution for a small business to adopt in order to survive in the competitive mobile content provider market? This paper forms the basis of a future study of the application of the syndication model to the mobile content industry in Hong Kong and its place in supply chain management. It will examine the mobile phone industry in Hong Kong in general, and discuss the alternatives a small content business can adopt to survive in the business. We will assess whether the concept of syndication is applicable in these circumstances, as well as the implications of adopting syndication as a business model.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages6
JournalProceedings of the 10th annual conference of the Asia Pacific Decision Science Institute
Publication statusPublished - 2005
EventAnnual Conference of Asia Pacific Decision Sciences Institute (10th : 2005) - Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China
Duration: 28 Jun 20052 Jul 2005

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