The constitutional law of Bangladesh: progression and transformation at its 50th anniversary

M. Rafiqul Islam (Editor), Muhammad Ekramul Haque (Editor)

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This book provides a supportive lending hand to researchers of constitutional law worldwide about the constitutional law of Bangladesh. It is a very useful resource for the comparative constitutional researchers and readers who will find in chapters (a) the critical analysis of the textual and contextual aspects of the Constitution and relevant judicial precedents, (b) the projection of the future roadmap for the journey of constitutionalism in Bangladesh with policy options for the revision of the Constitution, and (c) a much larger task of unveiling the interpretative approach of the constitutional law of Bangladesh from national, regional, and global comparative constitutional law perspectives. This book celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the Constitution of Bangladesh and provides intellectual observations on its evolutionary progression and transformation over 50 years from the embryonic stage to mid-December 2022. The book looks back to the constituent assembly debates on drafting the Constitution, intentions and aspirations of the constitution makers, constitutional goals achieved and failures suffered, and envisages its future directions. In this comprehensive study, the first of its kind, native and foreign constitutional authoritative voices scholarly assess the constitutional design, the reasons for its successes and failures, challenges ahead, and ventilate their palatable recommendations for progressive development of the constitutional law of Bangladesh to elevate it to a new height in the 21st century and beyond. Professor Richard Albert, University of Texas at Austin, US writes: This book is a gift to scholars of the Constitution of Bangladesh as much as it is a gift to scholars of constitutions more generally. For scholars like me who research and write in the field of comparative constitutional studies, we are always seeking to expand our field of view beyond the constitutions typically used as comparators.[W]ith the publication of The Constitutional Law of Bangladesh: Progression and Transformation at its 50th Anniversary, scholars will have at their disposal an excellent, useful, and reputable point of reference to learn about the fascinating constitutional traditions and experiences in Bangladesh
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationSingapore
PublisherSpringer, Springer Nature
Number of pages424
ISBN (Electronic)9789819925797
ISBN (Print)9789819925780
Publication statusPublished - 2023


  • Bangladesh
  • Constitutional history
  • Constitutional law


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