The nature of quantitative genetic variation in drosophila. III. Mechanism of dosage compensation for sex linked abdominal bristle polygenes

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Seventeen lines, each homozygous for a different X chromosome but all with a common autosomal genetic background, were constructed and assayed for abdominal bristle number to determine whether dosage compensation operates for sex linked genes affecting this character. The regression coefficient of male mean on female mean using a logarithmic scale was 0.90±0.13 and the genetic regression coefficient 0.92, neither differing significantly from unity. The genetic components of variance in males and females were also very similar (0.000234 or 0.000228, respectively). These results indicate that dosage compensation is complete (or nearly so) for sex linked genes affecting this character. The bristle scores of females did not differ in reciprocal crosses between these lines, thus dosage compensation does not operate by paternal X inactivation. The question of an adequate scale for abdominal bristle number had to be examined during the study. A logarithmic scale appeared to be adequate for both genotypic and environment differences.

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Publication statusPublished - 1977


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