The resilience doughnut: combining strengths to survive

Lyn Worsley*

*Corresponding author for this work

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The triumph of the human spirit to recover from, sustain through and even grow personally as a result of trauma is of paramount interest in the study of psychology. Three different resilient responses, recovery, sustainability and personal growth, have been observed in studies of individuals as they face adversity. The key element of these studies is that relationships appear to form the basis of an individual's resilience. A useful framework, The Resilience Doughnut is outlined noting the interacting factors that contribute to resilience. These factors show seven different contexts where potential relationships grow and contribute to social support, self esteem and efficacy. It is proposed that only three of these factors are needed to be strong in order to tip the balance towards a resilience response. Three case studies are presented, each with a different resilient response and each with a different set of strong factors in the Resilience Doughnut framework. Of interest is the ebb and flow of their resilience, and the changes in their factors over time. The Resilience Doughnut framework appears to be useful in tailoring interventions to individuals facing potential trauma or for those who have been victims of crime. While the framework is used primarily for development, it has the value of being able to identify and enhance exisiting strong relationships during times of adversity throughout the lifespan.

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