The Shapley supercluster

the largest matter concentration in the local Universe

Dominique Proust, Hernán Quintana, Eleazar R. Carrasco, Andreas Reisenegger, Eric Slezak, Hernán Muriel, Rolando Dünner, Laerte Sodré Jr., Michael J. Drinkwater, Quentin A. Parker, Cynthia J. Ragone

Research output: Contribution to Newspaper/Magazine/WebsiteArticle


Since the 1980s, we have known that the Local Group of galaxies is moving at a velocity of 366 ± 125 km/s in the direction of Centaurus. In this region, the well-known Shapley supercluster of galaxies (SSC) consists of many clusters and groups of galaxies in the redshift range 0.04 <z <0.055. An international collaboration has highlighted this greatest matter concentration in the local Universe, less than 500 million light years from us. The SSC may be able to account for half of the sought for ‘Great Attractor’...
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages2
Specialist publicationThe Messenger
Publication statusPublished - 2006

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