Tiime gated fluorescent flow cytometer

Dayong Jin (Inventor), Jim Piper (Inventor), Russell Connally (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


An apparatus (10) for detecting a particle (12) labelled with a fluorescent marker is disclosed. The apparatus (10) has a flow cell (16) being adapted to contain a fluid (14) in which the particle (12) is suspended. A light source (28) is operatively coupled to the flow cell (16) and arranged for emitting a stimulating light (28) which is effective in optically exciting the fluorescent marker (12) for emitting a fluorescent light (30). The apparatus (10) also includes a spatial filter (50) across an optical path between the particle (12) and a time gated detector (32) operatively coupled to the flow cell (16) for detecting the fluorescent light (30).

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS20100032584
IPCG01N 21/64,G01J 1/00,G01J 1/58
Publication statusSubmitted - 11 Feb 2010


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