Tracings and mappings: negotiating "accountability", multiplicity, uncertainty, and process in the early years of primary school education

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    In this paper, I illuminate how teachers in one Australian government primary school have been negotiating the tensions between dominant constructions and hegemonic notions of accountability,"proof" and evaluation alongside their commitment to fostering learning that is flexible, open-ended, situated, contextual and diverse. I draw on Deleuze and Guattari's notions regarding 'schizoanalysis', 'assemblages', and 'tracings and mappings' as ways of seeking to understand complexity, multiplicity, and connectedness in education without attempting to distil or reduce to a linear, predictable, rational explanation. In this paper, I will focus in particular on the usefulness of the lens of 'tracings and mappings' as a tool to analyse the way in which many approaches used at the school such as pedagogical documentation of long term projects are important factors that allow for multiple (and often contradictory) perspectives, and that make visible a range of learning processes which may not be valued or acknowledged through current dominant, more simplistic means of evaluation, accountability or assessment. Through this paper, then, I argue that mapping of the lived curriculum as it is enacted may create the potential for school communities to honour and seek out multiplicities, uncertainties and connections, and may thus create important spaces for the unexpected possibilities and complexities of pedagogy in the early years of primary school.
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    Publication statusPublished - 2013
    EventDeleuze. Guattari. Schizoanalysis. Education. - Murdoch University, Perth, Australia
    Duration: 9 Dec 201311 Dec 2013


    ConferenceDeleuze. Guattari. Schizoanalysis. Education.
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