Ultrafast raman laser systems and methods of operation

David James Spence (Inventor), Eduardo Granados (Inventor), Helen Margaret Pask (Inventor), Richard Paul Mildren (Inventor)

    Research output: Patent


    A Raman laser system, the system comprising a resonator cavity comprising a plurality of reflectors, wherein at least one reflector is an output reflector adapted for outputting a pulsed output beam from the resonator cavity at a frequency corresponding to a Raman shifted frequency of the pump beam, wherein the output reflector is partially transmitting at the Raman-converted frequency; a solid state Raman-active medium located in the resonator cavity to be pumped by a pulsed pump beam having a pump repetition rate and for Raman-converting a pump pulse incident on the Raman-active medium to a resonating pulse at a Raman-converted frequency resonating in the resonator cavity; a resonator adjuster for adjusting the optical length of the resonator to match the round-trip time of the resonating Raman-converted pulse with the pump beam repetition rate such that the resonating pulse is coincident both temporally and spatially with a pump pulse in the Raman-active medium on each round trip, to Raman amplify the resonating pulse at the Raman-converted frequency in the Raman-active medium. Also a multiwavelength Raman laser system further comprising a dispersive element and a plurality of coupled resonator cavities. Also, methods for providing ultrafast pulsed Raman laser operation.

    Original languageEnglish
    Patent numberCA2785243
    IPCH01S 3/108,H01S 3/30
    Priority date22/12/09
    Publication statusSubmitted - 30 Jun 2011


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